not your typical museum

More than a display of chrome and neon, or Dust Bowl pictures, the Route 66 Interpretive Center strikes at the heart of what we believe is the true meaning of Route 66. We have created a place that compliments the exhibits like those in Elk City and Clinton, Oklahoma, and goes one step further.

We emphasize the life that Route 66 instilled — and continues to breathe — into the most American of our communities. In other words, Route 66 remains alive. It is where opportunity is created for all who seek to truly understand the American dream.

the "mother road" video experience

Travelers of all ages will be delighted to experience our nostalgic trip down “The Mother Road.” This uniquely interactive history is a tale told through an interesting array of videos portraying the huge part Oklahoma has played in forming the sights and sounds along the way.

The Interpretive Center takes participants through a visually entertaining “drive” from the 1920’s through current-day Oklahoma on what author John Steinbeck called, "The Mother Road,"  in his classic novel, The Grapes of Wrath.